Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So today will be a quick one!  I was senpai this week, senior companion, which has been really good preparation for the real deal that's bound to happen in a week. 
I'm almost positive I'll be training by next week....transfers are happening a week later than usual because new missionaries get extra training or something.  I'm kind of excited for the big changes!  I'm also super scared out of my mind!  But I think things will be fine. 
So this week we had lots of finding time, did some streeting at an international languages university where everyone's studying English and is super stoked to talk to an American!  We found a few potential investigators from that, one of which came to Relief Society, and a few more who want to do church tours before Eikaiwa tomorrow!  It was a good week for dendou!  We were so genki! and now we're super tired...
Today was temple pday, so we didn't get much rest, hence the shorter email.  
I promise everything's going great here in Chiba!  We have faith that we can see so many miracles and so many baptisms!  Japan's time is NOW! 

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