Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I wore rain pants today.

Last Pday I went to my first Japanese festival!  It was at a Buddhist temple, and everyone's just walking around eating food. I wore a Japanese yukata, I'll send pictures later. 
Found a few potential investigators and one new investigator, Chihiro...who now has a baptismal date, but since we set that date we haven't been able to contact her.  We taught Diana, who's Chinese, after Eikaiwa and commited her to be baptized as well.  She's unsure at this point.  But we're working on her. :)

Eva is so ready to be baptized!  Eva is Ramos shimai's mom, she didn't want to take missionary lessons at all when we met her, but we decided we would just TEACH and invite the spirit, and that will change her heart....and it did!  She's getting baptized August 25th, maybe earlier :) We also have a baptism set for August 18th with Sekihara san's son, who's joined in on that last two of her lessons.  He was being taught by other missionaries, they called us yesterday and said he told them he has decided he will be baptized in Chiba ward on August 18th. We didn't set the date with him, but if he wants it then he can definitely have it. 
We've also recently started teaching the Yoshida family!  They're so great!  I'm excited for their growth as a family. :) (mom, dad, two little girls)
Today was "zone pday"  this morning.  We had a skills challenge and a water balloon fight. I thought it would start my day of great and my day would just stay great...and it was great til about 5 oclock when I didn't have a specific plan for the day.  I guess plans are important.  We had a lesson with a new investigator Shimizu san, 58-super nice.  She's protestant and was so excited and interested in the fact that this is Christ's "restored" church.  She has always thought about restoration and I feel like she's excited to keep studying with us. :)
Sister Bagley

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