Wednesday, November 13, 2013

miracles :)

We ran into our highschool bffs a couple times!  We were able to take purikura pictures with them and taught them about why we/re missionaries.  One of them has a Book of Mormon now, and we still need to give the other one. Every time they see us they get so stoked! We're pretty much celebrities in Japan.  haha!  Except I'm so surprised at the number of foreigners in Kumagaya...because Kumagaya is our in the country.  Really close there's a huge population of Brazilians and Mexicans, but here we see lots of white people, and lots of Philipinos.  It's an interesting thing, you wouldn't understand until you were always surrounded by Asians...on all sides...all the time.  It's great! I love Japan!
We actually talked to a couple of white girls in the 7/11 and one of them went to Easter MI University, she's from Ann Arbor. Her friend's from Pennsylvania. We're becoming friends with them and she can be in my single's ward when I come home. haha!

YEsterday was a really cool miracle!  So last week we met this really funny woman from Indonesia.  We were handing out flyers for English class and she just came right up to me shook my hand and asked us where we were from and started telling us about her life.  She said in 3 days she would call us...she never called!  But she told us roughly how to get to her house because she wanted to cook for us.  So yesterday, since we are always doing finding, wanted to go housing around her area to try to find her, but as we were waiting for the bus we were handing out more English flyers and she comes walking up to us again.  She told us it was so amazing that she found us in the same spot because she was only in Kumagaya for one hour to work, and was picking up her new phone.  She was sitting in McDonalds waiting for the same bus we were waiting for, but saw us and set up an appointment to come over.  She's seemed to have a rough life, and really just wants to smile and be happy.  She's been placed in our path for a reason.  I'm excited!

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