Wednesday, November 13, 2013

how to get 'em to church

I'm feeling all the prayers and the fasts, we're definitely going to
have a white Christmas here in Kumagaya.  We have two people preparing
for baptism at the moment.  Ka and Takahashi both have baptismal dates
set for December! This is such an exciting work!  I love these people
so much and I'm so happy I have the opportunity to teach them!

We didn't find any new investigators this week, but we're able to
teach our investigators that are progressing a lot more that I've even
been able to on my mission so far!  We met with Takahashi 3 times last
week, and he came to church, also we're seeing him today, which is a
lot!  And we're almost worried that it's too much, but he loves
feeling the spirit and being around people that love him. So I'm sure
it's a great thing that he can come talk to us so much.  Takahashi san
is a serious smoker, he's been smoking for the majority of his life
and he's in his 60s now.  He can't go three hours without smoking, but
his doctor has told him that for his health he really needs to stop.
We too have asked that he follow the word of wisdom so that he can
feel the spirit more and have a healthier body.  He is trying soooo
hard! But he is not perfect, and he has the faith to quit and will
keep trying.  I know that God can grant him the strength he needs to
quit smoking as well.  Do you know anyone who has had an experience
with quitting smoking that I can possibly share with Takahashi san to
help him to quit as well?

Ka is our other golden friend!  She's so fun and bubbly and we love
her so much!  I know she needs this gospel and she's ready for it.  I
don't think she knows why she wants to keep learning about the Book of
Mormon and why she wants to study about church, but she does it...and
always does what we ask her to do.  I think she wants to find answers
to her prayers and she wants to know how to find the truth.  She wants
to get work off on Sundays but is so worried that she won't be able
to.  I always look back to the days in young women's where we
roleplayed the scenario of asking our coach or our boss to not do
certain things on Sunday and I've heard countless stories about how
the boss was such a respector of someone wanting to attend
church...but I for some reason feel like it's a little different here
in Japan, but she said she'll try!  I think it helps that there's a
boy in Kumagaya ward that she thinks is cute.  That always gets em to
church ;)

at the culture day dance festival in Kumagaya!
eating Indian food with my bffs!
Bagel Shop playing the guitar!

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