Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'M GOING TO JAPAN!  ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!   We got our travel plans today, and we're leaving a week before we thought! MTC time just went from 9 weeks to 8 for my group of daisenpai and we're so excited!  Apparently our mission president needs missionaries a little earlier than the MTC was thinking.  I'm super nervous because sometimes I KNOW I'm not ready, other times I'm super excited because I KNOW that God KNOWS I'm ready enough.  It's kowaii for sure, and I just need to embrace it. 
So we get to the salt lake airport by noon on May 8th (next wedesday) and fly to San Fransisco at 2:00, from there I'll have a 4 hour layover and I get to CALL HOME!!!!  I already bought a phone card and I still know our phone we'll just have a good ole time talking on the phone while I'm hanging in SanFran for the first time ever.  My whole district (minus 2-going to Sendai) will be on the same flights (both to California, and Tokyo) and that's super great because for the last few days we were thinking we'd all be split up and that was bumming us out a bit.  I'm so excited!  WAKU WAKU!  It's weird to think I'll be leaving one week fromtomorrow morning, but I won't be in Japan until one week from Thursday's gonna be a long trip.
On Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting! In Nihongo!  The way talks work here at the MTC are probably really good prep for the mission field, because no one tells you beforehand when you're getting up to give a talk, you just have to be prepared.  Luckily I was super prepared and rocked that talk even though I couldn't breathe through half of it.  My talk was on faith and I read these scriptures because they're super great: Helaman 5:12, Alma 37:6-7, and Alma 32: 21. I encourage everyone who reads this to get a hold of a Morumon Sho and read these verses! :)Subarashi ne!  
Funny thing happened the other night probably around 2am, I guess I talk in my sleep, and Jensen Shimai woke up in the middle of the night and heard me say "kikinasai" which is JAPANESE! Hey minasan, Bagley Shimai's fluent in Japanese without even knowing it! Kikinasai is the command form of listen if anyone's curious... I practice Japanese confrontation in my sleep.