Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Week!

Well as you all should know, I'm training now, as a third transfer missionary, and it's FUN!  My best birthday present was Sister Willden, from Wisconsin.  She's half Japanese, and can understand most of what people are saying to us!  It's perfect!  So far we get along so great!  We're working on finding at the moment...all of mine and Sister Nagamine's investigators had to be divided between the two of us. (She's training too...four people in our tiny apartment!)  It's so weird being in the same apartment with my old companion, and we both have new companions.  Anyway, Sister Willden and I found a potential investigator yesterday! She's really interested in learning English, and we offered to give her a church tour as well. Hopefully we'll be able to meet her again! We felt so good after we got her contact info! First one of the transfer! Many more to come! 
So my birthday was actually pretty good, it felt like it was a weekend long birthday even!  On the day before my birthday Sister Nagamine and I went to the honbu(mission home) to find out who we were training.  On my birthday I woke up and there were four of us in the apartment! It felt like a major party already! (I even have my birthday banner hung up!) The morning of my birthday we went to Eva's house and taught her some commandments, she's getting baptized next week!  We're all so excited!!! That night we bought bikes for the new missionaries, and my cute missionary roommates made me a cute picture book!  Also the whole zone got on conference call to wish me and Sister Nagamine happy birthday. It was so nice!  20 missionaries wishing me happy birthday all at once! The next day, we all went back to Eva and Catherine's house and we had a little birthday party with good Philipino food and birthday cake :) (Catherine and Nagamine shimai share a birthday) And on Sunday, Chiba Stake President, Tabuchi kaicho, gave me and Sister Nagamine 'I am a child of God' necklaces!  It was so sweet of him, I don't even know how he knew it was our birthdays. :) haha
That's my week...seriously birthday all week, right?  Next birthday will be at the middle of my last transfer!  Which is so crazy!  I've been gone for 5 months already!  I hope it's going fast for you too.

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