Wednesday, November 13, 2013

hot spot.

So Kumagaya is the hottest place in Japan!  Literally, I'm living in a hot spot.  It's not too bad now that it's cooling down a little all over the country.  I'm ready for it to really feel like fall though.  I heard October is super nice though, so we'll see! 
The past few days have been really great! Sister Davis and I work really well together, we both know about the same amount of Japanese and our dendou method is pretty similar which is great!  We want to prep this place for more missionaries.  Kumagaya has another thing coming!  We actually found 6 new investigators in three days!  We are planning on teaching 20 lessons a week by week three, so we need to find a lot of people now because the investigators that we usually find, about half of them show up to appointments made.  We'll see how this week pans out.  We already have a few lessons already planned :)  It'f kind of fun doing doki dendou, (MTC district companion missionary work-easier to explain in Japanese)  Today we're just cleaning out all the junk that the Elders left in our apartment.  Kumagaya opened for sisters last transfer from Elders. It's been coined as a 'dead area" but Sister Davis and I are here to turn that around!  :)
Sister Davis and I have a lot in common, one of our goals at the beginning of our mission was to become regulars at a ramen shop and convert the people that work there.  Ramen shops are usally full of a bunch of punk boys though, so I kind of abandoned the goal. But now, in Kumagaya there's this really cute bagel shop with a few hip college students that play guitar and like bagels and such!  haha, we kept walking by and saying hi while we were streeting and after about the 5th time we finally went in.  They mentioned that they were talking about how they really wanted us to come in.  I tried to play the guitar for them, but my brain's on mission mode and I seriously had such a brain fart, couldn't remember how to play anything!  NOOOO!  But I said I'll "practice" and come back and give them a good show. haha!  :) 
I wish I had my guitarrrrr.  I've heard that there are some missionaries that got permission to bring one and they go to the park and play music and invite people to hear their message that way.  I don't know how effective it is, but I want to try! 
Anywayyyy, Kumagaya is great, and I just got here.  The ward is like 50 people and they're all really nice.  They also like to feed us. 2 days in a row I'm getting free food! YAYYY

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