Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ai suru tomodachi to kazoku

This week was like fear factor week or something!  We got sushi at a sushi-go-round, and it was all really yummy but the last thing I ate was one of the weirdest grossest things I've ever had.  I had to finish it though, because we're in Japan...and you finish everything you put on your plate, and (side-note) you're not supposed to eat and walk at the same time. BUT the scariest part of this week was the COCKROACH the size of my THUMB in our bathroom right before we went to bed a couple nights ago!  It was the most terrifying thing I've ever faced!  The bug's gone now, I totally destroyed the thing with a good shoe the elders left in our apartment.  It was a 40 minute battle, everytime the thing crawled up the wall I screamed and cried and sister Davis was in the other room hypervenilating!  It crawled inside our bathrooom scale, and under our washing machine, and when I finally got it, it crawled up the side of washing machine and almost jumped on my face! I threw the washing machine and the beast made a run for our bedroom!  I got him though, he's dead.  And we were able to sleep, for the most part.  I can proudly say that I won that battle, and I honestly hope and pray I never have to go through that again.
We also went a whole week without bikes because we parked our bikes in the "no parking" zone when we went to District Meeting...the bikes were gone when we got back and went on a mad search for our bikes, found an English conversation school hoping someone knew enough English to help us. We met the nicest guy Roy who walked with us for an hour to find our bikes just to find that the place was closed til Saturday.  I'm back on two wheels now though, so we're good. 
Yesterday a couple retro ford thunderbirds drove up by the train-station while we were handing out flyers, they were blasting Funky Town and the asian kid in the drivers seat had an AFRO! I felt so at home. ;) haha!

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