Wednesday, November 13, 2013

all is well, all is well

This past week was great, we taught the Yoshida family and are helping them prepare to be baptized on September 15th!  We're really looking forward to that day!  It's so exciting seeing people choose to follow Jesus Christ's example through baptism, I cry at every baptism we see. 
This week we had stake conference! And there was English translation! It was the first Sunday meeting I've actually understood in almost 6 months, so that was good! 
I saw the ocean this week when we went out to visit some less actives. The apartments over there are soooo fancy, we ended up not visiting anyone because the apartments are on lockdown.  It looked like Florida over on the coast, palm trees, lots of shopping, ocean, blue sky. So pretty...and we were just on the gulf side of Chiba Prefecture. 
So right now I'm pretty much in a 4 person companionship!  We got word from our zone leaders, who got word from President Budge, that the four of us Chiba sisters need to be more united in our study and go on splits super often.  We all teach pretty much everyone, and we find for both companionships.  Kind of a new idea, and it's super fun so far.  Last night we did some roleplay and made cake to celebrate our yon-nin doryou! (four person companionship)
Glad you're all having fun at home,  your vision of me is pretty much correct, except we yell katakana English in the street..".Harro,  houw   aaa    yooou?" Doing everything we can to get people's attention.  I'll talk to some people on the train today as well. 

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