Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We have two progressing investigators right now! Which is so amazing!
I feel like it's pretty rare to find such kinjin that can meet more
than once a week.  We met with Takahashi 3 times last week, but so far
we've only taught him the Restoration of the church. He's so into it
though! On Sunday he came to church for the last hour and we were
teaching a self-referral and Takahashi joined in.  He was pretty much
bearing his testimony at the end about how there's only one true
church, and this church can make us happy! He tells us all the time
too how his heart feels when he prays, just so much power!  Takahashi
has a few things we need to work on with him, and I know he will have
the faith to change his life around. He's a great great guy, love him
to death!

Also we are teaching Ka, and she's our best friend.  I can see her
faith growing every time we meet with her. We have asked a couple
times if she wants eternal happiness and she has answered that either
way is fine, which is reallllly hard to go off of, because if they
don't realize the desire to be happy beyond this life then they won't
want to change or progress, but after we taught her about the plan of
salvation and it was mentioned that maybe the terrestrial kingdom is
good enough, she wasn't sure and said that maybe she would like to go
to the celestial kingdom.  HUGE STEP!  Also, she's really studying the
Book of Mormon, she's reading it in English to practice her English,
but of course she's going to learn a lot and feel a lot.  She is going
to do Moroni's challenge of reading and praying about the Book of
Mormon, she wants to see if she can receive answers to her prayers
through a book.  If she has faith, it will happen!

And to end on a super happy note, Sister Davis and I saw a man almost
jump of a 5 story building...actually we were across the street the
whole time eating at a restaurant and saw firetruck and ambulance and
all that jazz drive by, but we didn't think anything of it. We walk
out and there's a guy standing on the edge with two rescuers holding
him up.  I never thought that I would first-hand witness someone
wanting to end their life.  It really freaked me out, not just in the
sense that people are so unhappy with their lives that they want to
jump off a building, but also the fact that they don't understand
where their going or why they're here in the first place.  I'm pretty
sure statistics say that Japan is one of the most depressed countries
in the world, and I know that as one missionary I can't change the
world, but this gospel  is the answer.  This message is going to hit
Japan like wildfire one day, and I can't wait!

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