Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Power of A Principle: Just Gotta Be Toughness and More Cool

Welll hellooooo!   This week was a roller-caoster week at its finest.  Junko san and her daughter Ann chan said they would be baptised on Monday!  We had the date set for the 23rd of June and we were so excited!  Since then they've completely dropped us.  Junko has decided that our relationship is over and she doesn't need the church to be happy.  It was ironic timing.  We had a 3 zone conference and just as Budge Kaicho was asking how our investigators are doing and we're about to announce we have a baptismal date set, she sends us a text saying she doesn't want to meet anymore. :( I cried.  It's still so sad to think about it. So we've been working really hard to find new investigators. 

Sunday we had lunch at a member's home and they invited three friends over (and to church) they all have BOMs and we're seeing them again!  They're so cute, I can't remember their names but they're trendy girls in their 20s and were really interested in our message!  They're not in Abiko area, so we'll have to give them up eventually. But it's still good to have some investigators if even for a day.

In Japan some clothes have English writing on them, however the majority of them make NO SENSE AT ALL.  You'll see...also the title of this email is a good example.
Also today, we spent the majority of our afternoon at the doctor because Jack Shimai couldn't hear out of her left ear.  The doctor said it was clogged up with earwax. They pulled some random American man out of somewhere to be a translator and the doctor spoke pretty good English anyway.  She really did have a ton of earwax in there!  They pulled it out and she could hear again! TWas a Christmas miracle! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Ganbatte imasu! Invite Invite Invite!!!

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