Sunday, June 2, 2013

Find Invite Teach!

Tuesday was wild!  Jack Shimai and I, two little beans, were left on our own while Sister Toyosato went on companion exchanges.  We were surprised at the end of the day that we were able to manage the train and bus, teach three lessons, and finish our planning by 9:30 all by ourselves!  Our first lesson was with Junko Shimai! We're doing English lessons with her and teacher her the lessons.  We spent most of our time trying to explain the difference between rice and lice.  The R sound is very difficult for Japanese people, I hear it every day.  I know the R sound is difficult because every time high school boys walk past us they giggle and yell "HERROOO!" It was really funny trying to explain how to say rice, we'd tell Junko san to make a lion noise and say rrrrrice, so she'd growl "rrrrrr-lice". We taught her about the Atonement and said she feels our prayers even though she couldn't really understand us. haha, oops.  Takako san was a lot more difficult to teach, she thinks these weird hyroglyphics are God's word and she feels so excited when she writes them...and it's frustrating because she's so closed off to our message and to the spirit.  It's sad, she used to have a baptism date and she was progressing really well, until she discovered how fun it is to draw hyroglyphics on her body.  It was a frustrating lesson to say the least. Someya san was our third lesson, she's a wonderful human being, she's the one who climbs trees and montains and dances.  She loves when we visit her, once upon a time we gave her a Book of Mormon, but she thinks the police came into her house and took it.  She won't accept another book, because she thinks they'll just take it again.  So every time we go over to her house we call up to her window "Someya san!!! Konnichiwa!" She pokes her little head out the window comes down, and we share a scripture with her.  She has a lot of faith and I think she enjoys the little bit of upliftment we bring with us. I just wish the police would give her Book of Mormon back.

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  1. LOVE IT! You are the real deal, Bagley Shimai!