Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Atsui desu ne? (It's hot, isn't it?)

This week was TOTEMO ATSUI!  Japanese summer is soooo hot!  It's probably really similar to home actually, I just never had to be outside in it for long periods of time without a swimming pool.  So we're using it as a good excuse to start a conversation with someone.  "Atsui desu ne?" Get's em everytime.  ;)
This past week felt really long looking back on it.  We had training at the mission home on Tuesday where I saw mostly everyone from my MTC district. Of course, it's always fun to see my mission buddies. :) Then once we got back to Inage we had a lesson with Sekihara, our self referral.  She's able to meet twice a week and has a baptismal date set up for August 11th!  We just need to make sure she keeps her commitments and reads and prays about the Book of Mormon so she'll be ready by that date. It's so exciting setting baptismal dates! 

Thursday I went on splits AGAIN....but this time I was the OLD missionary. Me and Sister Brumley (1st transfer missionary) set out to teach all of Chiba the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was such an amazing day for both of us! I think we learned so much because we were on our own and didn't have our trainers to help us out and be our crutch.  Sister Brumley and I taught an introduction lesson for a member referral, Yoshida san.  Our lesson was at a member's home, which made it a little easier, but we were able to set up another time to meet with her and she said she would come to church! Which she did come to church with her whole family! But it was seriously a miracle day.  We were all over the place on trains, had the wrong address, met a new gothic friend, invited a Muslim to church etc etc and now Sister Brumley and I just can't wait til we're companions in real life!
Chiba Stake has so much dendou fire right now!  Their goal is to have a temple in Chiba in 10 years! I love this soooo much! I know it's possible!  I'm excited to help start it off!  Saturday, Chiba Stake had a Stake Missionary Meeting where President Budge came and spoke about the vision of Chiba! I couldn't understand a lot of it, but I can feel how much the member's are wanting to do missionary work, and it's exciting! 
Also on Saturay we went out into the country to visit Ramos Shimai and her mom, Eva.  We taught Lesson one: the Restoration.  And commited Eva to be baptized...she said yes!  We haven't set a date with her yet, but she said that she thinks that Joseph Smith's experience was real and was so excited to get a Tagalog Book of Mormon :) 
Sunday we had dinner at the Stake President's home with Ramos Shimai, Eva Shimai, and Sekihara san.  Eva was telling the Stake President that she really wants to go to church in Narita ward (the area we were in Sunday) and he said that she could come if she got baptized. She responded so quick, it was surprising!  But she said she'd get baptized, and was being completely real about it.  She's an amazing woman, we haven't set a date with her yet, but are trying to see if it's possible for her to attend that ward.  I'm sure either way she'll be dressed in white sometime in August. 
Our goal is to have a baptism every week, and I'm thinking it's possible! I have faith! 
Glad everything at home is great, I pray for you every day!  I love you all sooooo much!!!!!
Love, Sister Bagley 

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