Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Watashi wa shukufuku sarete imasu!!!

:) Chiba's amazing. Amen.  Hontonni, The area is just jam packed full of people waiting to hear to the gospel. I can feel the miracles!  Chiba ward has such dendou fire, I'm so stoked to start working more with them.
This week was so goooood and it ended the best way possible! With a baptism! :) During the week Ramos 姉妹 had her last lesson as an investigator of the gospel and we made takoyaki!  Tako: octopus yaki: flour, eggs, pickled ginger, and cabbage in little balls!  I have pictures, it was so good!  But anyway Ramos 姉妹 is soooo cute!  She already has big plans to convert her mom and her sister and help us teach lessons. She's so pumped to dendou with us.

Also this week I was area senpai two times!  One time Sister Jack came to Chiba while Sister Nagamine was at leadership training and we taught a lesson to Mei chan, our progressing investigator.  Our member joint was Sister Kinoshita, the Chiba ward Relief Society President.  She's a miracle worker, that woman has such a strong testimony.  The lesson went so well!  We committed Mei chan to be baptized and she said if she feels it, yes!  Now we just need to set a date and :) :) BINGO! The next day I went on splits with Taneda Shimai, who barely speaks any English. Which I guess should be normal since I'm in Japan and everything.  But it was a hard day.  It was a white day, so we didn't have any lessons to teach or plan for. So the whole day was finding time.  We found a couple potential investigators and some people who said they'd come to Eikaiwa. One 18 or so Japanese girl with her mom started waving at me because she thought I was so cute and said she'd come to Eikaiwa!  Yay gaijin powah! We worked diligently all day and felt like our hard work didn't result in much, then the chorotachi called and said they have THREE referrals for us, three Africa-jin!  We're teaching them today, they speak English...so I'm leading the lesson.  BUT SERIOUSLY, what a blessing!  I'm so excited!  African-jin are such kin-jin (golden investigators)!

We have three new investigators this week, and will have three more by the end of today!  It feels so gooooood.  Two were potential investigators last week, but we've contacted them again and they're interested enough to have us come back :) One of them is Kikue san, who comes from a long line of home-ec teachers, she's 85 and she makes kimonos and is going to let me try one sometime!  :) YESSS! She's adorable, she's like 4'9" ish...tiny. One other referral was a self referral...her son took discussions a few years ago and she remembered recently and decided to show up at church, she also was able to come to the baptism, which went soooooo well! 

I had my first baptism!  Being in Japan DOES NOT mean that I'm not going to see any baptisms. Japan is golden and ready to be harvested!  Sister Ramos has an amazing testimony and I'm so glad I could be a part of her conversion.  The spirit was so strong at her baptism, and so many members came!  Which was so great, we need to get them pumped for doing missionary work :) Chiba hasn't had any baptisms in a year, so this is a really great start!  Takusan Baputesumakai ga aru koto ga dekimasu!  Iki masho! :)

Hope you're all Genki!  I love you all sooo much! :)
Ai shiteru yo!!
Love, Sister Bagley

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