Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I got transferred to Chiba Ward, my companion is Sister Nagamine from Okinawa (I keep getting Okinawajin and it's great! My Japanese is going to be so Nihonjin-poi!) and we're white washing the area!!! So I got here on Monday, and we didn't have a phone or computer so we were roughin' it big time!  We already have an investigator, and she's getting baptized on the 7th!  Her name's Catherine and she's a referral from the Filipines. We taught her yesterday about living prophets and the ten commandments, she's so excited to be baptized!  I'm excited to have a baptism :)  We also met a girl on the train who we're going to try to have dinner with, hoping to have another investigator soon.  Since we're white-washing the area we need to do a lot of finding.  Luckily this is my companion's fourth white area.  So I'm in good hands. 

My last week in Abiko was really great, we found 7 new investigators!  From Eikaiwa and referrals.  The Abiko sisters are going to have a lot of teaching and I've learned a lot about finding investigators this past week, which is great.  I needed to see some finding miracles to know that I can open up a new area and be a successful missionary!  
I still need to move in my things, we've been cleaning all day...our apartment's full of old sister missionary junk.  It's super fun going through it all.  (I actually do kind of enjoy it.) I want to make my apartment so cute! It has so much potential! 

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