Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shinko Tsuyomero

Not a ton to report on this week, just that the MTC is a testimony builder! I'm definitely having my shinko tsuyomeri masu (faith strenthened).  The two BEST devotionals I've had here at the MTC happened on Sunday, the speakers were Mary Ellen Edmunds and Greg Droubay.  Sister Edmund spoke to the Relief Society (all the sisters in the MTC) about how important it is to teach by the spirit, that the gift of tongues is real, and how happiness is the object of our existence! She said that if I do my best the heavens will move to help me with all I can't do and that as long as I'm happy and excited and love the people I'm serving they will flock to me! I believe it, sometimes I feel like the MTC is breaking me and I'm probably not going to be the same person when I come home...and other times I want to rebel and keep the old self!  I get such good advice every single day, I read things in the scriptures every day that I know I need to work on!  I know that I'll get the language and I'll learn how to always have a smile on my face, but I also know it's going to take a lot of effort and hard work.  These things I'm told I need to be doing in order to be an amazing missionary aren't things that happen over night, and I just hope that I can keep that in mind so I can stay patient with myself. 
Today after the temple there was this super cute Japanese woman that my doryo and I started talking to.  She's from Tokyo so she was really excited to talk to us.  She was probably speaking the most simple Japanese she could possibly speak and we still struggled knowing everything she was saying, but for her not speaking a single word of English to us we did pretty good. We gave her a few hugs and she wished us Ganbatte! and we left being more excited for the months ahead of us than we were before we met her. I'm so so so excited and also so so so nervous! I can't believe I'm over half way done, I'm going to be a dai-sempai in one week!  (the "oldest, most experienced" group going to Japan)
Ai shite imasu!
Bagley Shimai   

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