Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm SO close!

I feel like I just got here a few days ago, but I'm seriously so close to leaving!  It's ridiculous how fast time has flown here at the MTC. 

We finally got to hear from an apostle this week!  Richard G Scott came and spoke to us and he gave me soooo much confidence in learning the language. He gave an apostolic blessing to the whole MTC that we will be able to learn our language to perfection and that we shouldn't worry because the Lord is on our side!  It was an amazing experience hearing from an Apostle of the Lord! 
So this was our Tuesday devotional...so exactly a week ago. Feels like 2 days ago...In our Sunday devotional we were privileged to hear the BYU Men's choir perform and at first I was noticing the 2 guys with beards...and then Elder Sisneros came out of the choir and spoke to us about life and missionary work and I was so happy!  I love Elder Sisneros and it was awesome that I got to hear him speak for a few minutes at the MTC! 

I guess one last thing I could throw in is that the MTC does exercise classes at 6 am for 30 minutes and I actually was able to get up early one day this week to do a yoga class for half an hour....I'm never doing it again, but it was really great for people who enjoy mornings.  Sleep is too valuable.  Don't mind me if when I get home I just hybernate for 2 days straight. haha 

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