Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend!

Kazoku, konichiwa!

So I've been taking notes of small things that happened during my week so I wouldn't forget anything super important, and the first thing on my list is that the MTC served some chicken parmesan!  haha, I saw it posted on the cafeteria door and was excited because I love chicken parmesan!  I guess I briefly forgot that I was in the MTC and their food is never exciting.  It was probably one of my most disappointing meals because the chicken parmesan at home trumps it by like 40,000. I also wrote on my note during the week that the breakfast burritos also weren't good...for some reason I was really focused on the food this week? 

Anyway, half the elders in my district are being ridiculous about gaining weight, so they're all planning on going on a diet and working out extra hard.  Then one of them turned to the sisters and was like "wow, you're lucky you'll never have to deal with this!"  it was kind of sad and funny at the same time.  So clueless.  But hey, if I gain a few lbs here at the MTC I already know I'll sweat them off first week in the field riding my bike up those crazy Tokyo hills. 

The other day I got to talk to some elders in another Japanese district about rock climbing!  It made me miss it, but it was still fun to chat it up about how awesome it is! 

On Saturday we did a new thing called TRC-Teaching Resource Center, where we go and give a Preach My Gospel lesson to volunteers.  I was really nervous before because we were going to be giving the lessons in Japanese, but they're more like visiting-teaching lessons because the volunteers are usually members of the church.   Once I got in there and started getting to know the people I was teaching it was great! I couldn't really understand what they were saying, but we were able to get our message across.  Two of the people we taught were from Japan, one from Tokyo (her name was Horiuchi, and she was probably 80-some years old...so kawaii), and another was from Nagasaki, her husband was a geijin, so he translated some of what she was saying for us into Eigo...which was helpful!

I'm a sempai now!  Meaning, I'm no longer the newbie of the Japanese missionaries!  We get 63 tomorrow!  Which is a crazy amount of people to be "more experienced" than, they're probably going to ask me questions on how to say things and I'll be like "wa karimasen!" (i don't know!)

On Sunday there was rumor that we would have an apostle speak to us! It ended up being Bishop Cause, the presiding bishop, which I didn't even know we had...oops.  It was an amazing talk and it was a cool experience having the sacrament passed to our whole MTC!  That's 3000 people getting the sacrament at one time, on Easter too.  It was really neat.

Also I think I know what scripture I'd like on my plaque: Alma 29:13. 

Yesterday I had an interesting memory of how much I loved Japanese people when I was in elementary school.  We were able to select any country we wanted to do a report on, I was probably in 4th grade at the time.  But I remember it being such an easy choice because I just thought that Japanese girls were so pretty and I really wanted to research Japan because of that!  Sister Jensen told me an interesting thing about how where we go on our missions could have to do with who we were friends with before we came to earth.  I don't know if that's doctrinal stuff, but it was a cute idea that made me think about how at a young age I was drawn to Japanese people. :)

I'm working on my testimony in Nihongo this week! Hopefully I'll be able to type it up soon!  Write me letters and I'll write you back!  I love you all!!!!! Ai shitte imasu!

Bagley Shimai

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